Thank you Mr. Obama

All through the past month, Egyptians and Egypt have kept one of their more important attributes; a sense of humor. And while Egyptian comics can make fun of just about anything as ‘The man Behind Omar Suleiman’ would attest, there is no denying the Egyptian State Media gave them plenty of ammunition. In between the Mehwar’s Shaimaa, Said and Hanaa (or Om Said as a friend likes to call her) or the multiple and classic comments of the Nile TV reporters about “a small group of infiltrated people are moving the masses”, ‘the number of protesters do not exceed thousands”, “the protesters are being affected by foreign entities ranging between Israel, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizb Allah, and the Egyptian Islamist Brotherhood” and the extremely funny and sad “the protesters are speaking in strange dialects and holding sophisticated gadgetry that has no keys and a bitten apple on the back.”

So while the Egyptian Media has been a help in uplifting the crowds anxiety levels they have been totally unreliable in terms of news coverage and so we turn to Arab and Western News Coverage of the events in the Middle East. And I have to say I generally felt that it was an extensive and informative coverage. I could agree and relate with most of the points except for one thing; the Western Media’s slamming of President Obama’s reaction and official stand regarding the Egyptian crisis.

I can understand the emotional reasoning behind some of the Egyptians who were asking for a stronger stand against Mubarak’s government and tyranny but logistically speaking the US will and should have its personal interests first in line. And I personally believe that while Obama’s message was hesitant and guarded from the start, it was obvious he was calling for Mubarak to step down. What was really strange was the Republicans reaction to Obama’s caution, specifically John McCain, Marc Theissen and Dimtri Simes’s personal opinion.

We’re very sorry gentlemen to tell you, that as an Egyptian, I generally don’t care what the Americans think of us. I am not looking for you to come in with your guns blazing to ‘liberate us’ and believe me your opinion, action or lack-of did not matter a pig’s ass in determining the outcome of our revolution. Yes it would have been nice if you’d taken a stronger stance in the past years against the dictatorship of your allies, but then again, this is our fight. We need to take responsibility for our country and our welfare and we definitely do not need another George W. Bush Junior thinking he needs to go in and save the heathens from themselves. So once again with feeling; thank you Mr. President for taking a very wise and objective stand regarding the political turnout of our country.

For a very logical and unbiased opinion, check out the Economists’ February 17 article on “How Obama Handled Egypt”.