DIY Gifts: Baking Mixes in Jars

Baking Mixes in Jars.jpg

I’m being a good girl and starting to upload all my back logged projects. Yesterday it was the Gingerbread Cookies in a Jar. So since I’m in the ‘jar’ing mood, I thought I’d carry it on by posting these DIY Foodie Gifts in a Jar.

As you all may or may not know, I was staying with a friend in Vancouver a few weeks ago. And since she was going to put up with me, my husband and my rowdy boys for a full week I had to find an exceptional hostess gift.

I could have gone and gotten her something for the house or a gift card, but I didn’t know what her house looked like (it was my first visit) and I wanted to show her in advance how much I appreciate the mess she would be dealing with by having us over.

So, I made two personalised food baskets full of random goodies and treats. I’ll share the full baskets with you later but for now I’ll start with four of the baking ‘mixes in jars’.

My friend is not a big baker but she has two girls and I know she likes the idea of doing baking activities with them. So I thought ready-packed baking mixes would be perfect for them. And subsequently I spent a week on the net and Pintrest trying to find the perfect recipes. I settled on the following:

Bakeralla’s Cowboy Cookies

Peppermint Stick Cocoa from My Recipes

Quick Bread in a Bottle from Sunset

– Gingerbread Cookies – my own recipe

I didn’t have time to create and print professional labels so I settled for the hand-written variety. But once I added ribbons and assorted decorations they turned out pretty great. They are also extremely easy to make, are quiet impressive and can be easily customised to a favourite recipe or ingredients.

Just keep in mind that a multi-ingredient recipe with a variety of colours and textures usually looks best.

And needless to say, my friend loved them.

DIY Baking Mix in Jar.jpg


Peppermint Stick Cocoa in a Jar.jpg


M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar.jpg


Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Quick Bread in a Jar.jpg


Gingerbread Cookie Mix Gifts

Gingerbread Cookie Mix.jpg

This is super late. But we’ve already established that I’m a lazy, procrastinating, ADD, disoriented mom, right?

Anyway, here are the gifts Adam gave to his teachers for Christmas. It took me awhile to figure out what to get them because I’ve never done this before. Do I get just gift cards? Or a gift basket? Something personal? Something practical? Bake them something? It was a huge stressful dilemma, which annoyed my husband to no end because everything to me is a huge stressful dilemma.

Gingerbread Cookie Mix Jar Gifts.jpg

Anyway I decided to combine a little of everything. I wasn’t too comfortable with providing something %100 baked. What happens if they think it tastes awful? I also felt gift cards on their own were way too impersonal. So I did a little of both.

I made gingerbread cookie mix jars with really cool copper cookie cutters from Chapters. I also included a $15 gift card from Starbucks in case they hate cookies. Because which teacher doesn’t need gallons of coffee? I know I would, if I had to deal with 22 7-year old kids day in and day out.


And yesterday we got these thank you cards back. I know they’re standard etiquette and all, but it still warmed my heart when adam proudly read them to me.


Birthday Project 1 – Birthday Boy Plate

Welcome to the first official day of ‘Birthday Craze Week’. Since I am person with tons of free time, who does not have a toddler attached to her hip every single waking moment of her day, or an empty house that needs to become a home, or is in the throes of full depression and fighting to cling to her sanity, so I decided that I need to physically hand-make everything for my son’s upcoming 6th birthday. Oh and the fact that I’m cheap helped too.

Well not cheap per se, it’s more along the lines of broke. After traveling 10,375.35 km (yes I looked it up – sue me!) with two kids, setting up a new house from scratch and buying tons of winter clothes for four people to prepare for freezing temperatures (never really needed a sub-artic parka for the sand storms we suffered in Cairo) it’s understandable that I don’t have much money left for other things, plus I really would like to squander money on my very important niceties like manicures and expensive Starbucks coffee.

Okay, okay I know, I’m getting off topic. So I’ve been looking for money-less ways to make Adam’s birthday special. And one of things I decided upon was to get a special china set for Adam to eat his birthday meal on. After all, I can give the kid a break from the IKEA plastic plates for one day of the year. Motivated I go to my favorite place in the world, or as my husband likes to put it; my-other-lover, the internet and look for hand painted, personalized birthday plates. And this comes up:

That plate retails for $38 not including shipping! Yes you heard me right, a 38 bucks for a plate that was done in a kindergarden class. I can probably do better. I know I can do better. So I head off to Pier 1 (did I tell you how much I love Pier 1) and buy two plain white plates for $16. I know, I know, I could have gotten them from the Dollar store for much less, but it’s Pier 1! Then I’m off to Michaels to buy oil based Sharpie paint pens – I’m too lazy to use paints and a brush – and I’m all set.


Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

These plates took me two hours to make. Then it was off to a 350F oven for 30 minutes to set the colors. They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. So good, that I may start selling them online for $35.

What a pretty birthday plate – if I do say so myself

So have a look at my magnificent artwork. Tell me how awesome they are and how I am a much better painter than the original store-bought plates. If you want to really flatter me, tell me that I paint at a grade 2 level, much better than the kindergarden job done above. And if you’re feeling reckless, maybe you can order a few plates off me? I’ll even give you a special discount and sell them for only 60 bucks. And if you buy two, I’ll go even lower and give them to you at the extremely low price of $70 each.

Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying to make some extra cash to fund those Caramel Macchiatos.

PS: Can you tell I’m super proud of the plates by the amount of pictures I posted?