Weekend In Pictures

I had a relatively quiet weekend. Other then being sad over the train accident in Egypt and being pissed off at inconsiderate and rude people, it was an enjoyable family-bonding weekend.

Me and my husband take turns sleeping in on the weekend. So Satruday was my day to get some zzzzzzs. Woke up at 9am to this scenario:


Push harder

Apparently my 6 year old has decided to abuse the free labor of his 15 month old brother.

I had a healthy breakfast of Indian Figs.


Yes it’s an IKEA knife. I love that store, always have. Even if I had never worked there I would have still loved it.

If you don’t know this fruit I suggest you go out right now and buy some. While they don’t look that appealing, they taste like heaven; not overly sweet with interesting textures. They are one of my favorite fruits, along with pomegranate and guava. I used to buy them off street carts in Egypt during the hot steamy months of July and August. And eating these symbolizes the long lazy months of summer, the salty breezes and pure white beached filled weekends by the Mediterranean in the North Coast. Be careful when cutting them though, they have some nasty splinters embedded in their skin. Says the lady who had to pull them out of her fingers one too many times.


We then got dressed and went to our local Registry where I sat for, and passed, the written driver’s exam. I now have to wait 3 weeks for my Egyptian license to be approved and I can sit for the practical exam. Which I’m pretty sure I’ll fail at least twice. To further understand why I am positive I will fail, even though I’ve been driving for 12 years, look up Egyptian drivers and traffic. Well, at least I have my learners permit which I can use once we get our car. We finalized the paperwork of said car on Saturday. We’re currently looking at the Nissan Rogue (anyone out there would like to tell us what it’s like?) and keep your fingers crossed, but we may have a car by next week. That means no more walking around with 10kilos of groceries in -15 degree weather.


My driver’s license (yay)! And the car we’re thinking of buying

Then it was off to Boston Pizza for dinner (more of that here). And our weekly grocery shopping whereupon we froze while we puffed and huffed to carry our food home. See above paragraph.


Give me a smile…..


Adam multitasking; drinking and coloring at the same time.       

Sunday, we took a walk around the neighborhood where Adam got to ride his bike and Jo took a nap.


We’re tapering off from two naps to one with Jo and he’s giving me pure and utter hell about it. There are days where he will sit in his bed for hours but stubbornly refuse to sleep. And Sunday was one of them. So going for a walk was the only way we could guarantee he would sleep.


You can’t make me sleep.

We ended up walking quiet a bit and decided to stop by the nearby shopping center for a cup of coffee. I went to Second Cup because it was closer than Starbucks and remembered how much I love Second Cup. Other than the fact it’s Canadian, which in itself makes it awesome, they have great coffee. Plus they are so much more cozier. Check out their Christmas display. I love it.


And look at those the Britto mugs. So pretty!


Anyway I had a caramel cappuccino. Which was really good and pretty useful for the walk home in long sleeved T-shirt and -2 weather. Unfortunately, by the time we got home it was iced cappuccino.

But memo to self; I need to go to Starbucks less and start going to Second Cup more.


My (hot) caramel cappuccino

All in all it was a great weekend. Productive, fun and relaxing. Just my kind of day (days?). Makes me all set for the beginning of the week. So crazy week, here I come!




Chaotic State Of Mind

You know those days? The ones where you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Well today, was definitely one of them. And not just for me but also for my my two adorable but …. (how about I leave out that adjective and leave it at that) munchkins.

Anyway ADHD A, who is usually laid back and slow took an extra long time to get ready this morning. He’s so unfocused and spaced out it’s crazy! I wonder who he gets that from I guess I don’t have much right to complain.

And J; sweet, stubborn, opiniated J was extra cranky this morning. He spent his first two hours awake screaming his head off. In fact I’m writing this right now with him stuck on my lap, trying to type in between pulling things out of his hand and rearranging my desktop after his hands wonder haphazerdly over the laptop and mouse.

So it’s been a great day so far. With all that’s happening I’m extra distracted and lost. I don’t know what to do with myself today. I should probably clean but don’t feel like it. Maybe start working on my short stories? But don’t also feel like it. Or I could bake those tons of apples I have lying in my drawer into an apple pie loaf? Nah, maybe later.

Plus I need to get organized for Eid. It’s less than three weeks away and I haven’t done anything yet.

So maybe I should get a move on and try to finish anything. Let me just leave you with the following song and a picture of my coffee cup. The song was Chantal Kreviazuk – All I Can Do and it was on the radio this morning and the lyrics pulled on my chaotic state of mind:

When you’re on your own – When you’re at a fork in the road – You don’t know which way to go – There’s too many suns in our rows – You haven’t laughed in a while – When you can’t even fake a smile – When you feel ashamed – The uniform don’t make you brave


Perfect Box For KCups

I bought this new tea box in Egypt before we moved. I put in our tea varieties and since its only my husband who drinks tea it came down to only one; English Breakfast.

On the other hand I need to buy a KCup drawer for my new Keurig but decided to postpone the expense. So, there I was with tons of KCups and no place to put them and a tea box that was only 1/8h full.

So presto, problem solved. Took out the dividers from the tea box and now I have the best (and prettiest) KCup drawer ever. Even if it only holds 12. Now I only need to buy a tea box for the tea packets.