OLRC’s News at 8

I know it’s Birthday Craze Week and all, and I promise you I’m not slacking off. In fact I’m working on the very creepy very cool Samurai Power Rangers cupcake toppers. Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

So I decided to take a break from all that and share with you highlights of my day.

You are now listening to the OLRC (On Life Reading’s & Cupcakes) Daily News at 8. Todays top stories are:

-It’s been snowing all day today. No big surprise there. But every thing is white. Again. It had just become green yesterday after all the snow from the last snow-storm had melted. So yay, lucky me, more snow means more shoveling out the driveway. On the bright side maybe I could count that towards my daily exercise routine (See that. I’m trying to imply that I exercise regularly, which I obviously do not. But don’t blame a girl for trying to make a good impression. And this sub-parenthisis comment has gone on much too long).

It’s a white, white world.

– I decided to let Jo have his first hands on experience with snow for the first time today. Needless to say he was not happy.

I am not happy!

– In other news, you know that website ‘Shit My Kids Broke’? Well Jo decided he would like to become a regular subscriber. And his first submission; my IPad. Yes the picture below is correct, he decided that he didn’t like the plain old touch-screen on my IPad and thought it may look prettier with a web of zig-zagged and mangled cracks. So he slammed it on the floor. End of story.

My poor, poor IPad

– On the subject of Jo; he is getting so big and his vocabulary is expanding day by day. He can now say three whole words: ‘Hot dog’, ‘Hello’ (on the phone) and ‘Poo poo’. Yay me! While poo poo is a little icky, it’s actually even weirder to see a 60cm baby toddling around yelling ‘Hot Daw’ at the top of his lungs.

The origin of ‘Hot Dog’

So this is my day and it’s highlights. And much like a small town news report; it is extremely boring and totally uneventful (except for the broken IPad, that is a heinous crime). I just hope your day was much more exciting as mine. And even if it was not, why don’t you share those dull moments. After all even shared boredom becomes exciting.

Now stay tuned for sports and the weather.

Awesome Chrome Ad – Reach For Those Tissues

I was watching random sitcoms on TV last night when this ad came up. Based on a true story, it was extremely moving and sweet. And I’m totally copying this.

I’ve always wanted to do scrapbooks for the kids, but the little ADHD me cannot commit to something that long. You should see my baby books; pages and pages of nothing. But this, this is so so much better. And appeals to the geeky parents me and me hubby are.

Now all I need to do is set up email accounts for both my kids. Maybe name one little.monster.that.will.kill.mommy.some.day@gmail.com and the other if.i.get.any.more.attached.to.mommy.i’ll.be.an.extra.limb@gmail.com. ThenĀ I’ll sending them emails of thoughts, pics, vacations and so on. Oh oh, what did I just commit to?

Anyway it is an awesome idea that I definitely consider starting. Thanks Google Chrome. Now need to figure out how to use Safari to do all that.