Who, Who, Who Are You?

If you’re looking for consistency, walk away. And if it’s serious and informing you want, then you’re definitely in the wrong place. I’m chaotic, unreliable and unpredictable. And maybe just a little crazy. Part geek, part mom, part rebel, totally me!

An Egyptian/Canadian who is still lost in both places. A wannabe writer, chef, interior designer and Superhero (the Hulk sounds good). I’ll write about anything and everything; Star Wars, to cupcakes, to kids, to poetry, to music, to other random and sometimes slightly weird things.

Don’t take me seriously, I don’t. Just enjoy the ride.

Gorillas At Large


4 thoughts on “Who, Who, Who Are You?

  1. Hi Sweetie ♥
    I ♥ your blog ( of course! ) Makes me feel I am right next to you. Because of you I have gone back to my writting. Which I love, and I have nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


    It’s ok whether you choose to join in or not; just wanna thank you for the great blog that you put up. I’m totally enjoying reading your posts daily ♥

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