Refrigerator Dragons

I was swimming through the river, the lazy water lapping away at my hair. A peaceful calm and serenity descending over me. I was the happiest I’d been in years when suddenly a loud bump reverberated within the calm blue sky and a formidable whirlpool formed in front me slowly sucking me down, down into it’s black existence. Just as I was going under I heard Jo’s loud protests and whines.

I woke up with a sigh and looked at the shiny numbers on the IPhone beside me. 1:10am, another sleepless night. Got up and trudged to the boys rooms, gave Jo his pacifier, bear and turned on the lullabies.As I was turning to go back and salvage whatever was lift of my peaceful swimming dream, I noticed Adam’s bed empty. And then I realised what the initial bump was; Adam had gotten out of bed and gone downstairs to watch TV.

You see, that night was the first night of his mid-term break and since Adam was notorious for refusing to wake up unless a marching band goes through his room during weekdays, yet managing to get up at 5:30am, all bright and ready on weekends, my husband had made a deal with Adam. If he got up quietly in the morning and didn’t wake Jo, the light-sleeper, then he could go downstairs and watch TV or play with his iPod until I woke up.

So Adam did just that. Except he didn’t wake up at 5. He got up at 1am, all bright and ready to start his day and maximise the amount to parent-free time he has. I had to force him to go back to bed after numerous of complaints of ‘I can’t sleep’, ‘It’s morning’ ‘But, daddy said I could’. Needless to say, I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. And Adam woke up all bright and cheerful at 7:45am, after I had to deal with a noisy Jo for an hour.

I’m so not looking forward to the holidays.

Bakogun Toys Bakogun Toys

I also woke up to find these strange creatures sticking to my fridge…


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