The Price of Productivity; Cranky Kids & Sleeping on the Floor

So I didn’t post yesterday. I spent my day from 9am to 6pm driving around town running oh so many errands. And half of them were with a grieving Jo (he hates the car) and the other half were with both a grieving Jo and an over-tired and whining Adam. This is a quick time-line of my day:

– 9am – 11am At Superstore, where I stocked up on supplies for the houseguest gift basket. And a lot of other random stuff that looked so pretty, or so tasty, or so fun.

– 11am – 1:30pm Drove 35 minutes to downtown. Drove 20 minutes around downtown looking for parking. Queued up  20 minutes in the bank to get my compromised debit card fixed. Gobbled down a quick lunch with hubby in 10 minutes. Then drove 30 minutes to my family photographer design appointment.

The rest of the day was spent visiting Michaels, Walmart, the Dollar Store, the car wash and Pier 1 and spending way too much money (i’m going to cry).

Came home at 6 with very tired, grumpy and loud kids and had a quick dinner of leftover chicken masala and rice. I unpacked three tons of shopping and spent the last next hour hurriedly putting together the Christmas gifts Adam was supposed to take with him to school the next day.

At 9:30pm my husband walked in to find me asleep on a throw pillow on the floor.

But it was totally worth it. I finished the teacher Christmas gifts and bought all the supplies I need for my friends gift Baked Goods Gift Basket and my husbands wedding anniversary (which is tomorrow) gift box.

I’ll share each project individually but now I have to go continue poking Jo in his tummy because he’s standing beside me sticking his belly out and screaming for a poke.


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