Boys Will Be Boys

It’s 6pm and I’m frantically rushing around the kitchen, trying to get dinner ready. My DH is sitting at the dinner table try to appease a fussy Jo. Adam walks in, scratching his hair and pulling at one of the locks.

He mumbles without looking from the IPod in his hand, “How do you spell private?”

DH looks over a little surprised; “What do you want to spell again?”


Adam is exasperated he has to say it twice.

“Why do you want to spell private?” I look over at my DH, an crazy idea forming into my head as to why my 6 year old wants to spell private. But no, it can’t be. He’s still too young after all.

“Because I want to google girl’s private parts to see what it looks like.”

And it can be. I did not expect this day to come so soon. 6 years?! With two boys I knew it was inevitable, much like tyrannosaurus’s inevitable betrayal (see Firefly for the geeky reference). But I was hoping I’d have a longer run. 10, 12 maybe even 20 years.

When I commented to my husband a little later that it was too young for him to start thinking like that. He shrugged and said “Nah, seems right.”

Oh boy. Am I going to have some lovely years ahead of me.

So we sat Adam done, and we told him we can talk all about girl’s privates and what they mean. We can even get a refernce book and show him pictures. But we will not google it (internet porn will have to wait).

Adam was surprised. “Don’t we google everything?”

That stumped me for a bit. Until it came to mind,

“Well Adam would you like people to look at your private parts on the net?”

And that got to him. He was convinved and wandered away in full-on spaced-out mod.

Until my husband walked by him a few minutes later looking at pictures of girls on the IPod (fully clothes thankfully).


3 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

      • Yes! I’d like to see you when I come. I don’t think we will be driving out until Thursday morning now, but perhaps we can meet later in the day or on Saturday? Let me know! Check your email!

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