I Dedicate This Award To….


As you may have already read, I’ve deiced to break up the awards nomination blog and answer Cranky Giraffe’s questions here. Mainly because the other post was too long, and secondly because the questions seemed like such fun that I wanted to give them their space.

Here goes nothing:

1. If you had to pick one song to play, continuously, in the background to your life, what would it be? Why?

Eye of the Tiger? No sorry, it was so cheesy that I couldn’t help it. I talked about this before,several times actually, and I would probably pick Matchbox 20’s Unwell. You know that, crazy place in your head that you awlays seem to be lost in? Where somehow you think you’ve lost your mind. And people look at you your crazy but they just can’t stick around long enough to know the real you? Well, welcome to me.

2. If you could commit any one crime and get away with it, what would it be?

A bank robbery? Or you know one of those really elaborate, very high reward, high risk cons that end up ‘taking’ a lot of money from very bad people. A modern Robin Hood scheme that gets me extremely rich at the same time.


3. What is an interesting fact about someone in your family?

My dad has a moustache. He has always had a must ache, all of his life. But if you’d asked me if he had a moustache 5 years ago, I would have scratched my head and said ‘I don’t know’.


4. What is your favourite lie that you’ve ever told?  What were the circumstances surrounding that lie?

I try to not lie but ‘conveniently’ leave things out. As a teenager it used to get me a lot of leeway with my parents. I don’t have a favourite lie but one that I hate, and I’m still carrying to this moment. It meant keeping a major , life-changing piece of information from one of my friends.


5. Your boss pulls you into his office to talk privately.  What is it about?

That I should stop sexually harassing the new cute guy.


6. What do you “just know” in life?

That there a reason for everything. Nothing ‘just’ happens. And most things that happen, good or bad, always work out for the best. No regrets, right?


7. What is the last book that you read in it’s entirety?

I read a book around once a month but I think the absolute last one was a random Nora Roberts book. Oh, and I re-read ‘Pride & Prejudice’ for like the tenth time. I’m trying to read ‘The Blind Assassin now, but just can’t. It’s too boring. So back it goes.


8. What is “Victoria’s Secret?” (I know it’s a lingerie store… I’m talking about the secret)

That she was gay? And all the models in their shows are gay? I think I just ruined it for thousands of men everywhere. Or wait, did I make it better?


9. If you could be a fly on the wall in any one room in the world, which room would that be?

I know this seems common, but I would love to be a fly on the wall on my funeral. Yes, I know, I have validation issues, but I would love to know that my life was not for nothing.


10. I am a slogan and it says:

‘Caution. Work in Progress’


11. What is the favourite part/aspect of your life?

It used to be my job, but that was 6 months ago before I become unemployed. Now it’s a little hard to find. Maybe shopping?




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