Art Inspired Notice Boards

As you guys may or may not know, I’m currently living in a rental house, and I hate it! The house itself is not so bad. It’s just I don’t like living in a place where I didn’t get to choose everything. So I hate the bland, beige walls and the boring beige carpet and the bathroom covered linoleum. More importantly I hate that the walls are plain, beige and empty. So when I was buying a notice board for my kitchen I decided to buy some fabric at the same time. My idea was to avoid adding any more brown elements and to use the notice board as a chance to introduce colour into my house. So here comes the easiest craft I ever did. We used this technique a lot when decorating rooms in IKEA so I decided to avoid looking up other ideas and just do something I’m familiar with. So off I went to IKEA where I bought the below board and fabric. I don’t have a staple gun yet so I just used flat push pins, but stapling it would have been so much better.

vaggis-noticeboard__0095947_PE244191_S4 20121204-141442.jpg

So I cut the board on top of the fabric and cit around it leaving around 7cm of extra fabric to wrap it around the back of the board. I folded the fabric over and under and then used the push pins to secure it.


I even used push pins to attach the string I was going to use for hanging my board. Yes, I’m extremely lazy.

And there we are, the finished product. I love the black background with the pop of colours and the bird resting on the bottom of it. Whenever my beige kitchen cupboards make me want to puke I just look at my board (when it isn’t covered with paper) and smile.

Fabric Corkboard

The finished product


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