I’ll Be Back…..


No more Mr. Slow Laptop

I’m sitting here with a pile of used tissues and a cup of cold coffee writing my first post after a 10 day absence. And while my used tissues mountain gets bigger and my coffee gets colder, my tired, overworked ill brain can’t put together more than two coherent thoughts. At least it’s quiet, because thankfully Jo decided to give me a reprieve from the whining and cranky mood I’ve been subjected to since 5:30am by going to sleep.

So what’s new with me?

– I’m still sick. Yesterday I went to a walk-in clinic for the second time in two weeks to find out why I have had a fever for 15 days. I had to go to a clinic because my search for a family doctor is just getting nowhere. So after two hours of waiting for my turn, I walk into the room and the nurse checks my temperature and finds it to be 37.1, she then looks at me as if to say ‘Are you crazy. you’re fine’ and I had to explain for the hundredth that my basel body temperature is 36.2.
20121203-103419.jpgSo anything over 36.5 is a fever for me. The nurse looked at me, said ‘All right’ which translates to ‘Still crazy.’ and went to get the doctor. Long story short I’m now back on antibiotics again just in case my pneumonia is cropping up again.

– So being sick and copped up all week kind of made me go crazy on the shopping front. But the good news is I now have a new Kitchen Aid mixer, a Crock Pot, three pairs of jeans and a new laptop (the laptop was a gift – so that makes it a little better). In my defense I need new pants because I dropped two sizes and none of my old pants fit. So unless I want to make an interesting scene where my oversized jeans drop to the floor in the middle of the mall, I had to buy new pants.

– I got nominated for ‘The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!’ by Cupcake in Cairo and I have to answer the questions and pass on the nominations. And because I’ve been comatose for awhile I will have to take a little time to go through my favorite blogs and pass on the nominations. So that post gets bumped to tomorrow.

– It’s sunny outside!! After 5 days of darkness and clouds and two days of constant snow, boy am I so glad to see the sun. Which is a big stretch for me because the past 20 years I’ve been cursing the sun and wishing for more cloudy days.

– I’m now reading the ‘Blind Assassin’ by Margaret Atwood for a book club I joined recently, and it so boring I think I’m gonna die. I know she’s Canadian and all, but still, can the book move any more slower. Anyway I need to finish this book by December 7 which, at the rate, I’m going is gonna happen when pigs fly.

20121203-103440.jpgA lot of other things happened to me the past weekend, even though it was pretty boring and I stayed at home but to avoid this becoming an even longer post I should stop here.

So without further ado (wait I need to blow my nose) I say goodbye. And mainly because Jo woke up and he’s screaming blood murder over the monitor at me.


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