An Unbearable Loss

20121117-214258.jpgI don’t normally post on the weekend and I also don’t normally talk politics or news but this morning I heard about a terrible accident that happened in the south of Egypt. A school bus was passing a train crossing when an incoming train slammed into it and killed 50 kids and all between the ages of 7 to 12.


I’m devastated. I don’t know what to say. And the pain in my heart will never come near what the parents of these kids are feeling. Some of them had 4 kids on that bus. With my crazy wandering mind, throughout the years I have played out any and every scenario that could ever happen to me. Except one, losing one of my boys. I don’t even want to go there. It’s like my subconscious can’t not handle even the thought of the pretend excruciating pain so it locked it up in a deep dark part of my mind to which I have no access.


My Facebook page is like a weeping wall. The outpouring of grief from everyone in Egypt is unanimous. Everyone with or without kids can relate to the piercing pain of losing a child; it’s like losing a major body-part. You get your heart ripped out of you. You still function; your legs move, your eyes see and your brain thinks. But you stop feeling. You stop living. Because any other option is unbearable.


I’m at loss for words. All I can think of is God help those poor families, may he give them patience and peace. And may we never have to live through a moment such as that.



8 thoughts on “An Unbearable Loss

    • It is just awful. And I have always believed that you are given hardships in your life according to your strength and ability to handle them. But something like this? I don’t know if anyone has the strength to get over it. This morning I was telling off my son for moving slowly and being late for school. Then I stopped to think for a second, isn’t that exactly what happened to the other parents? Some mom somewhere was angry at her kid for dawdling as he got on the bus. She watched the bus drive away, pissed off. And he never came home.
      It’s heartbreaking.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this! You are right, the thought of losing your own child is something impossible to imagine. I had shivers through my body when I read that line because I can’t go there either. I hope, in some way, peace comes to these children’s parents.

    • I still have shivers every time I think of this unspeakable tragedy. It’s like a knife cutting through my heart. I really hope that they get some peace too.

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