Birthday Craze Week – The Finale

Adam recently celbrated his 6th birthday. And here are the pictures from that ctazy but fun day. I think this is his first birthday where it’s just the 4 of us. We’ve always had people over for his birthday. Even if it was just the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. At least there was a crowd to say ‘Happy Birthday’. And ironically this is the first birthday that Adam is acutely aware of. He’s been looking forward to this day for months.

So I tried as much as I can to make as big a deal of it as possible. It was in fact a Birthday Weekend; We had ‘Birthday Pancakes’ on Saturday. Which were amazing. I got the recipe from this lady; Β Birthday Cake Pancakes. I just increased the amount of milk in mine because my husband prefers his pancakes on the thin side (something to do with his mother’s crepes).

My whipped cream was all over the place. As a result I had a ‘leaning tower of pancakes’

Birthday pancake on birthday plate.

Adam really enjoyed his pancakes. All that sugar, sprinkles, whipped cream and icing, who wouldn’t?

For Sunday, we went to the nearest TommyK Play where both Adam and Jo let off some steam and I got the chance to make some grown-up friends (finally) but got cold feet. We also went to check our mailbox where Adam got three birthday cards from his aunt, his brother and his parents (of course they were fake mailed by me).

And Monday was our big celebration birthday. I sent cupcakes to Adam’s school in the morning with goody bags. And when he came home we had cake and presents.

The kids at school didn’t really figure out what they were supposed to be. But they probably didn’t even care. After all, yay cupcakes!

I also made the much talked about Power Rangers Cake and cupcakes. For the cake and cupcakes, I used one of my favorite chocolate recipes which I got from ‘The Confetti Cake’ cookbook.

I used this recipe to make vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes, and while they were okay I wasn’t a big fan of them. Maybe the reason was that I forgot to add eggs when baking. Yes, I know, clumsy me. I realized my mistake when the first batch came out and they looked like that.

I added the missing eggs on the remaining batches after I saw the rocks-masquerding-as-cupcakes but probably the damage had been done.


Mini birthday cupcakes

All in all, I think Adam really enjoyed his birthday and the presents. I guess to him the important thing was that he felt special and that his birthday didn’t go unnoticed.

Blowing out the candles



9 thoughts on “Birthday Craze Week – The Finale

    • Thank you. Adam had a lot of fun. And the kids went crazy over the cupcakes. I think even the principal wanted to run away with them πŸ™‚

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