I Am So Sorry, Again!

I missed yesterday and the day before! That is so typical me, right? Well actually this time I may be justified for bailing out on (another) self-set goal. I really do have valid reasons for not blogging two days in a row. Tuesday I was really really sick. Not the flam, booger kind of sick. But the sick where if I tried to open my eyes the whole world would start spinning like some crazy amusement park ride; you know, the kind where you promptly throw up the minute you get off. Well that’s what I felt like.

And yesterday? Well, yesterday there I was all ready and set to blog when WordPress decided to not accept my password and lock me out! Wtf, WordPress! What is wrong with you? Anyway since you’re being so mean I’ve decided to ignore you and watch three episodes of Eureka back to back. Even though they have killed off Nathan Stark and I absolutely adored him. All tall, dark, handsome, smart, sarcastic and cynical. Just my type of guy.

So here I am being all apologetic and promising to make it up to you. In fact I am right now sitting down, with my second cup of coffee and breakfast right beside me and vowing to write at least three posts today. That is if I can convince Jo to take his morning nap. He’s been in bed for an hour now and he still hasn’t slept. I wonder if that means anything?

This is my breakfast. Don’t judge me for the chocolate and cupcake, at least I had a banana

So stay tuned for one very crazy day!


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