Disfigured Power Rangers & Movember Babies

As proposed (who in the hell says proposed?), today I’m including photos of my Power Rangers Samurai cupcake toppers.

Samurai sword not included

Or should I say ‘Mangled Creatures So Uglai’? If they look a little weird to you, I blame my husband. He tried to ‘help’ and instead deformed these masks into a very creepy existence. I did 30 masks and he ruined 5! And the remaining 25 look absolutely beautiful. Well, okay they don’t look absolutely beautiful. But at least they look like Power Rangers, right? ‘No, they don’t’ you say. Well what do you know. I’m sure my son will think them beautiful (because otherwise he’ll know what will happen to him…)

The pink ranger is looking a little under the weather. The blue ranger looks like a spider. Oh look, I made a Samurai Spider

Anyway I finished these last night while watching reruns of Eureka, so I can have time to bake today. Did I end up baking? Of course not! I lazed (is that a word?) around all day watching the snow fall (and fall and fall) and even more reruns of Eureka (at least I finished season 2). I decided tomorrow would be time enough to bake and decorate my cake.

I had a very fulfilling and fun day, even if it wash’t productive. And by the end of it I even started jotting plot lines  for my much fantasized, hardly worked upon collection of short stories. I even wrote 10 lines of the first story and subsequently freaked my husband out when I told him that my first story would be about sexual addiction in marriages.

I don’t know what worried him more, that his wife is writing about sexual addiction. Or his wife is thinking about sexual addiction.

So to sum up, this is what I accomplished today:

1. I wrote 10 lines in my 350 page novel.

2. I changed the template for this blog (in case you hadn’t noticed). I was getting bored of the old one.

3. Jo gave me a black eye with a very strategically timed and well-executed head butt

4. I horribly disfigured and mangled some power rangers

5. I took pictures of my son in his ‘Movember’ pacifier

Does my moustache look big in this?

6. I watched snow. Lots and lots of snow.

PS: Please tell me that they look like Power Rangers. Otherwise I’ll be the laughingstock of Adam’s Grade 1 class. The mom-who-maimed-the-power-rangers.

PPS: I said power rangers too many times, right?

Just one more pic for the heck of it.


6 thoughts on “Disfigured Power Rangers & Movember Babies

  1. I have to confess, I needed to google “Samurai power rangers” because I have no idea what they look like. The masks are a good likeness and I’m sure that a bunch of little power ranger obsessed boys will recognize them instantly! Great job. Also, I need to know… Where did you get that movember pacifier?

    • Oh you are so lucky to not know about Samurai Power Rangers or any other kind of Power Rangers. I wish I didn’t know about them too.
      I found the Movember pacifier at Chapters. It is very cool. They also have some other funky designs. You should definitely check them out.

  2. I think they look good!! And that pacifier is the cutest think on planet earth! And the model wearing it is adorable!
    Ps: I have been a victim of the head butt black eye before, I am so so sorry! lol 🙂

  3. Oh Reemo, I love them 🙂 Power Rangers take 2. I blame your son for my son’s ridiculous addiction to Power Rangers ever since Megazord? Is that it’s name? I thought it would stop there, only to find out that they have a million and one action figures that connect and only work when you get another one, and then once you get the other one, they come out with another part that can turn it into a larger action figure. Sigh. Hope Adam has a great day, and I am sure the class will love them and I only wish I was there to make him a cake.

    • Enjoy the ride 😛 Unfortunately the Power Ranger craze is not wearing off. So I shouldn’t have to suffer alone. I also made a Power Rangers Cake. Doesn’t look have as good as yours though. Miss you

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