Crossing a Monster With A Samurai Ranger

Yesterday it was Halloween, and while the temperatures were sub-zero, blistering and ass-freezing, my kids (as well as all the other kids on the block) still went trick-or-treating. After all, who would give up the opportunity to amass that much candy? And amass candy they did. Of course it gets amassed in other peoples bellies (mainly mine).

But they had fun and so did we. And to help lighten the dreary mood from my past three articles I’ve decided to share pictures of my Power Rangers Samurai and my little monster.

Samurai forever, hyah!                                  See, even Cookie Monster bows down to me.

20121101-202443.jpg  20121101-202512.jpg

Candy; nom, nom, nom…..                                                  My candy! Nom, nom nom…..

Here’s hoping everyone out there had an awesome Halloween.


One thought on “Crossing a Monster With A Samurai Ranger

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