Arabic Calligraphy Mug

I got this mug from Starbucks a few weeks ago. I love Starbucks stuff. I think it borders on obsession. It may be pricier than other places but I really believe that the quality is worth it.

Anyway I saw these cool black mugs that you can write on to personalize then bake and ta-da, your own unique mug. Plus the size was perfect for that essential morning shot of coffee.

So here I had this pretty awesome mug but no idea how to make it uniquely mine. I spent weeks mulling over the prospect (which shows you how good I am at taking decisions and finally it hit me this weekend; I’ll personalize it with arabic letters that represent my name, my hubby’s and my two little monsters in the shape of a tree.

We have 4 different names that our average size in length (in Arabic). Yet our four names amounted to a total of 10 letters which kinda of kept my hands tied in terms of variety. But that’s the Arabic language for you, everything can be narrowed down to 3 letters.

So anyway here is my end result. The total project took about 2 hours which is pretty cool in terms of craft times.

Now I wanna do another mug but am wondering if a regular unglazed black mug and a white Sharpie will work just as well? Well I guess I’ll have to try.


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