Awesome Chrome Ad – Reach For Those Tissues

I was watching random sitcoms on TV last night when this ad came up. Based on a true story, it was extremely moving and sweet. And I’m totally copying this.

I’ve always wanted to do scrapbooks for the kids, but the little ADHD me cannot commit to something that long. You should see my baby books; pages and pages of nothing. But this, this is so so much better. And appeals to the geeky parents me and me hubby are.

Now all I need to do is set up email accounts for both my kids. Maybe name one and the other’ Then I’ll sending them emails of thoughts, pics, vacations and so on. Oh oh, what did I just commit to?

Anyway it is an awesome idea that I definitely consider starting. Thanks Google Chrome. Now need to figure out how to use Safari to do all that.


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