I love you, Egypt!

I’ve had this website for over three years now. It was an impulsive campaign on my part with the hope that I’d start working on my writing. But life happens, and a family and a kid for that part and I never got around to using it. Until three weeks ago, that is when the most glorious thing happened to me, my family and everyone in Egypt! The impossible happened! A whole country got liberated by normal-everyday pessimistic, negative people finally taking control of their dreams , lives and country and stepping up to a virtually impossible challenge.

And while an early-stage pregnancy prevented me from taking part in the revolution as much as I wanted to, I realized that there is still so much I can do. For starters I could start being proactive in any way I can. And hence I finally made an appearance on this blog/website. While I don’t know what I’ll be blogging about in the future, I know at least the present is full of the pride of being an Egyptian and passion of helping my country in any way I can.

So I’m trying to collect all the memorable, interesting and even funny sayings, tweets and posts throughout the last 18 days of our revolution. As well as the people’s thoughts and ideas about how we can rebuild a better, stronger Egypt. I’ll be sharing all the data I collect for the time being on this blog. But I’m hoping that given enough material, and a talented designer who is willing to volunteer his/her time and talent, that we are able to publish this into a volume that also includes pictures and art work.

So if you or anyone you know have something they would like to share,  please send them to promogin@gmail.com.

And until a hopefully close post, I leave you with a commonly repeated chant in Tahrir

“Keep your head up, brother (/sister) for you are Egyptian!”


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